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Medisys Data Solutions Inc (Medisys), a leading Durable Medical Equipment Medical Billing company will help you address all your Durable Medical Equipment ( DME ) Billing and Coding challenges effectively; right from filing clean claims to collecting maximum revenue.

Every DME supplier faces challenges in medical billing and coding. Professional Billing and Coding expertise is necessary to code and bill DME claims. DME Billing and Coding is complex and requires experienced, trained and certified coders to accurately code the rentals and sales of equipment’s that provides therapeutic benefits to a patient in need. DME includes, but is not limited to, wheelchairs (manual and electric), traction equipment, canes, crutches, walkers, kidney machines, ventilators, oxygen, monitors, pressure mattresses, lifts, nebulizers, hospital beds, bili blankets and bili lights. etc.

Medisys Data Solutions brings years of DME billing and coding experience to you. Your DME billing services needs the skills and experience to handle complex rentals, sales, rental to sales conversion procedures. We at Medisys Data Solutions are recognized in DME Billing and Coding.

Below Are A Few Steps From DME Billing Professionals:

  • Proving medical necessity: A certificate of medical necessity from the physician with the physician’s signature and filling of appropriate medical necessity forms can fast-track DME rentals reimbursement
  • Capped Rentals: Medicare covers initially for rental, rather than for purchase, often because of its high cost. Medicare pays the rental fees for these items in monthly installments. The patient can keep a capped rental item as long as it is medically necessary and elect to buy it. Reimbursement of capped rentals can be tricky as insurances reimburse them as rentals rather than as purchases
  • Quality checks and audits: Regular quality checks and frequent audits of coding is a must to avoid repetition of errors. There needs to be open communication between physicians, coders, billers. Physicians need to be educated by coders and billers frequently used ICD and CPT codes by the practice and denials/rejections.
  • Follow ups: Consistent follow ups with the physicians office for incomplete prescriptions reduces the delay in submitting the claims to DMERC (Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier).
  • CPAP, BiPAP billing: Suppliers for DME should be careful while billing CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), BiPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) machines. When billing for durable medical equipment (DME), the use of appropriate HCPCS code and modifier(s) to describe the items being billed, enables quick reimbursements.
  • Use of modifiers: In addition to an appropriate HCPCS code for the DME item, many HCPCS codes require a modifier. The modifiers are used to provide more information about the rental item. The modifier tells that an item is new, used, or rented on a capped basis. For capped rentals, modifiers distinguish which month rental is being billed. If these modifiers are used incorrectly or missing, the claim may be denied.

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